The world's most popular 2D Dynamic Motion Simulation Tool

Working Model 2D
Working Model® 2D combines advanced motion simulation technology with sophisticated editing capabilities to provide a complete, professional tool for engineering and animation simulation. The dynamic simulation engine models real world Newtonian mechanics on the computer, and the simple yet powerful graphical user interface makes it easy to experiment with various engineering designs and scenarios.

Working Model has been adopted by thousands of professional engineers to create and analyze real-life mechanical systems. It has been designed from the ground up to optimize performance on Microsoft Windows systems. Working Model includes automatic collision detection and responses for NURBS geometry. The latest release also includes such popular scripts as Flexbeam, Shear and Bending Moment, and Pin Friction. These scripts have been customized to expand your use of Working Model.

Powerful Simulation Engine

Designed for both speed and accuracy, the Working Model simulation engine calculates the motion of interacting bodies using advanced numerical analysis techniques. The engine allows the construction of a complex system and can compute its dynamics under a variety of constraints and forces. In addition to user-imposed constraints such as springs, pulleys, or joints, the engine has the capability to simulate world-level interactions such as collisions, gravity, air-resistance, and electrostatics. Every aspect of a simulation from the integration time step and technique to the coefficients of friction and restitution can be adjusted by the user.

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