Fast, Fun & Easy FE Modeling & Simulation System

MSC Apex transforms the way engineers perform simulation by reducing critical CAE modeling and process time from days to hours. MSC Apex provides engineers with a generative simulation workflow to quickly evaluate design performance. Rapidly prepare analysis models and incrementally solve parts and assemblies for faster run times and results visualization.

With robust support for industry standard .bdf file import and export, MSC Apex™ makes for easy migration of data and smooths the integration of the product into existing tool chains such as those incorporating Patran and MSC Nastran.
MSC Apex™ is a built-from-the-ground up fully integrated and generative simulation environment with a paradigm shift away from traditional pre-solve-post point solutions, users can leverage the same user experience to carry out end-to-end simulation workflows with full associativity between geometric and analysis data, including fully generative behavior to ensure that all aspects of the model are consistent and up-to-date following design changes.

MSC Apex™ is enabled with integrated solver methods which allow the user to interactively validate parts and sub-subsystem models, yielding up to 10x productivity gains in model preparation.

Accelerates the FE Modeling process 10x to 50x

MSC Apex™ is powered by a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing engine that accelerates the CAD to Mesh process by a factor of up to 50x. CAD geometry is not suitable for analysis and geometry repair/improve and meshing operations are tedious, error prone, and take too long. MSC Apex™ features a complete set of direct modeling tools to make geometry clean-up and idealization steps fast and easy. These features provide dramatic productivity improvements for engineers.

Download the Apex Modeler Brochure
World’s First Computational Parts Based CAE System
MSC Apex™ is the world's first Computational Parts™ based CAE system, allowing:
  • Individual users to incrementally run analysis of complex assemblies, enabling rapid trade studies
  • Groups of users to exchange mathematical models (Nastran Superelements) in/through the supply chain without compromising Intellectual Property

Download the Apex Structures Brochure
Parts & Assemblies Model Representation Centric
MSC Apex™ is a Parts & Assemblies Model Representation centric solution allowing supply chains to share a unique product structure while independently managing instances of parts, sub-systems, full assemblies, and their corresponding multi-fidelity behavioral representations. This enables each person in the overall product development workflow to finally have the right data.
Integrated Solver
MSC Apex™ is enabled with integrated solver methods which allow the user to interactively validate parts and sub-subsystem models, yielding up to 10x productivity gains in model preparation. The traditional process for validating a Finite Element (FE) model is iterative and time consuming involving repeatedly submitting jobs and interpreting solver cryptic warning/error messages. The generative behavior of MSC Apex™ is fully leveraged to incrementally validate the evolving model and remove the many time consuming iterations inherent in the old pre-solve-post paradigm.

Download the Apex Frequency Response Brochure
Fun & Easy!
MSC Apex™ offers a unique, fun and easy-to-use experience making it possible for non-CAE experts to learn the software in a single day. This new user interface approach allows for a 10x reduction in tools. Built-in video tutorials, workflow instructions and at-mouse guidance make it easy for engineers to quickly learn and become productive at simulation.

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