CAD-Embedded Motion Simulation for SolidEdge & Autodesk Inventor

Dynamic Designer SolidEdge Inventor
Dynamic Designer allows you to understand the true dynamic function of your design inside the SolidEdge and Inventor environments before your produce or assemble physical hardware. Design Validation with Dynamic Designer allows you to build, test and refine the function of your CAD models and output the same performance information typically gathered physically (e.g. part interference, motor size, cam performance, gear and linkage layout, etc.). Using Dynamic Designer you will understand the mechanics of your design before you cut metal or mold plastic, all within your familiar CAD environment. Design revisions are easier and less costly if motion problems are identified before you build and test a physical assembly. If you have questions about how a design works or performs, Dynamic Designer can help you.

Three Levels to Meet Your Needs and Budget

The Dynamic Designer product family consists of: Motion Professional, Motion and Simply Motion. Motion Professional provides you with the complete motion validation functionality required to make sure your designs will work properly before you build them. Motion and Simply Motion are subsets of the Motion Professional product and are used to understand substantial, but limited aspects of a mechanism motion.
Regardless of which product you choose, all Dynamic Designer products help you test the function of your mechanism before you build them. The process is simple: from your CAD assembly, you will create a motion model containing constraints, contacts, forces, and actuators. You will then simulate mechanism motion using the most powerful simulation engine in the world: MSC.ADAMS. Finally, you will review animations, plot engineering data, and check for interferences. All seamlessly inside Solid Edge or Inventor.
DST Dynamic Designer Motion

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