December 8th is MSC Simulation Friday!

Join us on December 8th for an MSC Simulation Friday!
Register for a full day event packed with CAE action, courtesy of TEN TECH LLC and MSC Software:

TEN TECH LLC MSC Simulation Friday

  • Half-day MSC Apex Training: MSC Apex™ is powered by a CAE specific direct modeling and meshing engine that accelerates the CAD to Mesh process by a factor of up to 50x. This free 4h training session will teach the basics of geometry abstraction, FE modeling, solving and post-processing with MSC Apex,

  • Introduction to MSC Nastran 2018: MSC Nastran 2018 was just released, we will go through some of the major improvements, including MPYAD rewrite, Machine Learning best algorithm selection and more

  • GPU Computing for MSC Applications: Baskar Rajagopalan, NVIDIA Strategic Alliances Manager will help us present high level and detailed benchmark results of FEA solution acceleration using the CUDA massively parallel libraries for Nastran, Marc and Actran with Quadro GP100

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper for CAE: Cal Leuning, of the AMD Workstation Compute Group will present the AMD Ryzen Threadipper architecture, supported by our performance and scalability benchmark with MSC Nastran, Marc, Actran and scFlow.

High-performance laptops will be provided for training and evaluation of MSC Apex, applications and engineering experts from MSC Software and TEN TECH LLC will be present to answer all you questions on Apex, Patran, Nastran, Marc, Adams, Sinda, the Cradle CFD solutions and more!

Breakfast and lunch will be served and complimentary valet parking in our office building will be provided.

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