TEN TECH LLC Selects SC/Tetra & scFlow CFD

TEN TECH LLC standardizes on SC/Tetra and scFlow advanced CFD solvers.

To supports its ever-increasing CFD & thermal simulation activities, TEN TECH LLC has standardized on solver technology provided by MSC Software via its Software Cradle division. This significant investment in the toolset provided by Software Cradle will allow us to better assist our customers in building higher-fidelity models while supporting a broader range of physics and still provide the timely delivery we are known for.

More specifically, our CFD Group will be using the SC/Tetra and scFlow solvers for advanced multi-physics problems:

  • SC/Tetra, Software Cradle's flagship CFD Solver, is a high-performance unstructured grid CFD solver with very advanced physics and turbulence modeling, including compressible flow, multiphase flow and phase change, humidity and dew, rigid body dynamics and overset mesh as well as co-simulation with Finite Element Solvers for Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) and Acoustic solver for Aero-acoustic coupling.

  • scFlow is the next generation CFD solver from Software Cradle, which is based on polyhedral technology. scFlow's solver outperform the already high-performance SC/Tetra by a factor 0f 2.5-3 and allows for advanced physics modeling such as phase change, motion and overset mesh, free surface and phase change for both compressible and incompressible flow.

As our applications range from external aerodynamics and flight performance of UAV, to wind turbine noise evaluation and thermal management of robotics equipment, the scFlow and SC/Tetra solvers were selected on technical merit for their high performance, excellent multi-physics abilities and great programmability for DOE, optimization and custom solution development.

MSC Cradle CFD scFlow SC/Tetra

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