2-way FSI with SC/Tetra & Abaqus eSeminar

Join us for a free eSeminar on 2-way Fluid-Structure Interaction using Abaqus and SC/Tera
SC/Tetra is a general purpose Computational Fluid Dynamics software made by Software Cradle. It is a finite volume solver based on unstructured mesh. Its characteristics include sophisticated mesh generation system, high speed computing, low memory consumption, and user-friendly features throughout.

TEN TECH LLC has been using Cradle products for years for both external aerodynamics and internal flow and electronics cooling. Among a plethora of advanced functionality, SC/Tetra works very well with Abaqus to perform 2-way Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) co-simulation.

This eSeminar highlights some of the unique features of the software including, overset mesh and efficient handling of moving elements using the (ALE) Arbitrary Lagrange-Eulerian approach. Learn SC/Tetra capabilities that make it suitable to efficiently solve Abaqus FSI problems by coupling with SIMULIA Co-simulation Engine. The presentation will show some of the steps in preparing the model for the analysis. They include:

  • Preparing the model for CFD and FEA
  • Defining the regions and meshing the model
  • Setting the analysis conditions and procedure to run the simulation
  • Post processing the results

Register for this eSeminar here or click on the picture below.

Abaqus SC/Tetra FSI

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