TEN TECH LLC & nVIDIA Partnership

TEN TECH LLC enjoys a nice relationship with nVIDIA Corporation through co-marketing, hardware evaluation and benchmarking efforts.
The great partnership between TEN TECH LLC and nVIDIA Corporation is once more on display, this time via Digital Engineering Magazine.

Earlier this year, in preparation for the GP100 introduction and the Solidworks World 2017 exhibition, TEN TECH LLC worked in conjunction with nVIDIA's Corporate Marketing to generate real-life CAE models highlighting the power of GPGPU and GPU into a single GP100 card. Our jet engine Abaqus model can be seen across many nVIDIA marketing materials, including this "Reality-Based Design" advertisement:

nVIDIA GP100 Abaqus CAE

This week's Digital Engineering Magazine's Editor's Pick of the Week is nVIDIA's GP100, with a more in-depth article titled "Supercomputing GPU for Desktops", highlighting GP100 breathtaking performance and introducing a pre-GTC2017 joint webinar with nVIDIA, Dassault Systèmes and TEN TECH LLC. Stay tuned for future announcements on this.

Digital Engineering Magazine

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