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TEN TECH LLC is a Mechanical Engineering Consulting company headquartered in Culver City, CA with operations in Billerica, MA, providing Mechanical Design, Analysis and Test services with emphasis on Aerospace & Defense, Hi-Tech Electronics and Renewable Energy applications.

Our Mechanical Design Division specializes in Consumer-grade and Ruggedized Electro-Mechanical Packaging, Electromagnetic Interference Hardening and Plastic Parts Design.

Our Mechanical Analysis Division provides expertise in Structural Dynamics, CFD, Thermal Analysis, Vibro-acoustics and Aeroelasticity while our Physical Testing Division offers Shock & Vibration, Thermal, Acoustics, Salt/Fog, Humidity and Airflow testing services.

Component Thermal Analysis
Avionics Thermal Analysis
Aeroelasticity Flutter
Wind Turbine CFD
Avionics Thermal
We are a registered US Government Contractor, CAGE Code Holder, ITAR Compliant and JCP registered company with an active Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD Form 2345). All of our facilities, data servers and offsite storage centers are located in the US and all of our employees are US Citizens.

Our highly experienced team uses industry-standard, proven methods and tools such as Finite Elements to provide advanced test and analysis services, allowing accurate prediction and prevention of structural problems. Even though our roots are in the Aerospace & Defense Industry, TEN TECH LLC has extensive expertise in many other industries such as Automotive, Medical, and Consumer Products. We understand the issues and challenges engineering and manufacturing companies face every day.

TEN TECH LLC takes pride in its ability to tackle complex problems as well as in its speed and quality of delivery, bringing unparalleled value to the clients we support.
UAV Analysis
Electronics Cooling Thermal Analysis